What’s the Process?

Do you own a website? Does the website earn revenue via Google Adsense, Advertisements, or Affiliates (e.g. Amazon)?
Then, you are at the right place!

Inventige is always looking to buy websites with traffic and revenue. If you have a website you want to sell, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to work with you and do a safe transaction that benefits both Inventige and you, as the seller. Keep reading to understand what type of sites we are looking for.


Send us your details
Google Analytics reports
Proof of Revenue Earnings


Take a peek at a few examples


Determine the price
Price depends upon earnings


Take a peek at a few examples


Create a Escrow transaction
and get Paid



Is This Safe? Check out the 6 step procedure

  • icon-011. Create a Escrow transaction via their websites (Inventige will do this)
  • icon-022. Buyer (us) will deposit the purchase price funds into the Escrow Vault
  • icon-033. Escrow will verify the funds and let the seller (you) know
  • icon-044. Seller (you) and buyer (us) work together to transfer the website and all its assets
  • icon-055. Buyer (us) will verify the site and files to make sure everything is perfect
  • icon-066. Buyer (us) will lets Escrow know to release funds to seller (you)