Jim B.

I've purchased 4 different sites from Inventige and I've had a great experience every time. They are 100% honest and the sites are high quality. Inventige has been my #1 source of website deals with higher quality websites than what I've found on Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Andrew B.

I've sold and bought several websites from Inventige over the last few years and the overall experience was fantastic. He took care of the transferring process of the site, which was very fast. Some transactions were completed under 24 hours. Inventige valued the sites fairly and was always open to negotiation. I would highly recommend selling your site with Inventige.

Craig Mills

Brisbane, Australia

My website purchasing experience with Inventige was nothing short of excellent. The site quality was very good and the transfer was very smooth. We also joint ventured on one of the websites and that experience was great as well. I would highly recommend Inventige.

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